So close...

Only 2 months from my due date and I am getting so excited for our newest little squish!  What I am looking forward to the most is babywearing. It's truly one of my most favorite parts of being a mama to a tiny one ever.  The warm body snuggled against mine, the newborn fuzz, the peaceful breathing of a sleeping one.  Squee!!! I just love it.

Memories... at the beach nevertheless.

For her, I brought her to the beach the day after she was born.  This one woman said to me, "She's so tiny!  When was she born?"  Oh her face when I said "Yesterday!" Soon I'll have baby girl #3 to snuggle, only I am guessing I won't be at the beach the day after.  A Maine baby in April...we'll likely wait a bit before we catch some waves!

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