Fresh Air 2017

 Thankful we get to give a little fresh air this summer and get a few tales from city life. Adrian and Audra were chatting when we were waiting- Audra "He must be so eager to come." Adrian "I'm sure he is. It's some journey getting here." Well, he made it! There are requests for homemade bread, homemade jam, homemade ice cream and a visit to Nam and Pap's this trip.  All which we may accomplish tomorrow. The rest of the week is to be determined.  The kids are so glad to be reunited with their summer brother.  We're all happy he's back.

As years prior (this is his 4th year with us!), first up is a run with the dogs.
If you haven't heard of the Fresh Air Fund or if you are interested in hosting, look here:  It truly is such a rewarding program!

1 comment:

  1. How fabulous that you get the same young people year after year! Do y'all stay in touch during the rest of the year? Have you met his folks? What a fantastic program!



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