Our Summer

One of the biggest parts of our summer is the faint rumble of the tractor coming (we can often hear it in the distance).  When we hear that, no matter what we are doing is immediately dropped as we all holler "TRACTOR" and sprint to the big maple tree out front to wave to Farmer Rick.  This happens multiple times a day. Sometimes we don't hear it in time to get to the maple, but we nevertheless dash to a window.  Farmer Rick always looks for the kids, beeps and waves.  Once that tractor is gone, we go back to whatever we were doing.  When that tractor rolls by again, we'll start the holler and dash routine, for who wants to miss that tractor roll by? Especially since it almost always has some sort of something interesting hitched to it.  Right now it's corn time, so the bushels of corn rolling by gets us all excited for that summertime corn.  This tractor waving routine will be a part of their childhood memories for years to come. It truly is the simple pleasures that are best of all.

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