Fair Time!

It's fair time now and all of Adrian's entries are submitted and are now displayed at the fair.  Here's pics of 4 out of the 5 entries he put in. (I didn't take a picture of his 'reusable' entries, but I should when the fair is over). I'm super proud of this kid as well as all of the other 4-Hers in our club.  We truly have the most creative kids and they all hold special places in my heart!  I love how these projects are what Adrian is interested in and excited to learn about and do.  Hands on learning with stuff he loves, doesn't get any better than that.

Entry one: His Birding Projects.  He has his bird poster, his nest collection and his list of things the birds used to make the nests he has.  He's scheduled to do a bird public presentation this weekend.

 His Sewing Projects: Snowman, Doll, Apron
 His Art and Writing Projects: Rainbow Watercolor Painting and his Antique Tractor homemade book
 His Gardening project: His Garden Map and a basket full of produce he planted, grew and harvested.

 And Audra, who desperately wants to enter her projects, but she's still too young. She begged me to take her picture too. Just one more year until she can enter.

Thankful for our awesome club and how we have truly become a 4-H family. I love that 4-H shaped my mom's childhood, my childhood and my children's childhood.  I'm definitely a fan of 4-H and I'd encourage you to look in your area to see how you can volunteer or sign your kids up to participate.  There's a place for everyone in 4-H.


  1. Wow! Adrian has got some fabulous entries there! I sure wish I had learned about 4-H earlier. It is such a great organization and teaches kids so well.
    Audra, you have been practicing for your entries for next year. It'll be here before you know it!
    What a full life your children have. Continued blessings...

  2. I agree, 4-H shaped my life and my boys as well. I am so happy it is an organization still going strong.
    Congratulations to your family!



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