"SOP" signs

Remember that challenge I did a few weeks ago? The one that I stated I wanted the kids to be outside a minimum of 3 hours a day, regardless of the weather?  We did the challenge. And now we are just continuing.  We've met that goal most days.  Definitely not at once many days, since it's still winter.  But going out side some in the morning, some in the afternoon and sometimes evening...it adds up. The other goal of the baby and me being outside with them daily too? Yup. Doing that. Except for my long work days, we're hitting that.  Today I went out for two walks with the kids (one doing some birding and one just because) and I pruned fruit trees with Anna-Kate on my back. 

Creativity is soaring too.  Audra says she can read and write and needs no one's help.  We apparently spell "stop" different ways. Hers doesn't need a 't', so I'm told.

So I present to you, "Sop Signs".  Make sure you stop if you see one!

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