And so it happened again, another weekend came and went and my intention of catching up on the movies that go with the books we completed hasn't been accomplished.  I know it's crazy, but we read books before we watch the corresponding movie.  Only we are about 9 or 10 books behind, in that we've read the book but still need to watch the movie. I was hoping to knock down that number by one or two this weekend.  But, we didn't.

We were pretty much home all weekend too.  What got in the way? Books. Lots of them. Long walks. Clearing brush. Digging up stumps.  A fire to burn said brush and stumps. Waving to the train. Church. Bread baking. Pizza making. Painting. Map making. A bit of cleaning. More books. Our 3 hour minimum outside stretched to 4-5 hours outside for all of us on Saturday and Sunday, despite the rain and snow.

Maybe next weekend we will catch up on the movies we were meaning to watch.

Or maybe life out of doors will call us again... which certainly isn't a bad thing at all.

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  1. The movies will still be there, but the memories made outdoors must be acquired! Sounds like a beautiful way to spend the weekend.
    Be Blissed!



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