Allllll these vintage books for $5.00!!!!!  Some are worth ~$100!  But no, I won't sell.  I like to hold my books, hug them, look at them, smell them...and read them. I will keep them forever.
 And my barnyard finds. Two pairs of like-new barn boots. One in my size, one a size up from Adrian. A really great book about cowboys. A vintage 100% wool Plaid Pendleton buttonup.  SO warm and heavy. Five serving spoons for the Little House on the Prairie class I teach on Fridays. (Tomorrow I'm teaching sewing to the kindergarteners.  They'll have needlepoints, organize my pin cushion, string vintage spools, make art with vintage thimbles, pretend to iron, cut scraps....clearly I like this just as much as they do), wool LL Bean socks and two hand embroidered samplers.  Get this.  $5.00. Get out there thrifting. You just never know what you may find.


  1. Wow! What a library you must have! Whoo-hoo!

  2. Yay! I think I may have a pillowcase with that same birdie embroidery or something very similar! <3



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