Confession: I have always wanted a fantastic vintage bicycle. When I was a kid, our neighbors Web and Edna used to throw the most fantastic 4th of July party. In fact, it's where I got my idea for our Country Kids party (which we hope to have in Sept, date to be announced).  Web and Edna had a big ol' picnic and old fashioned games. I remember sack races, 3 legged races, egg toss, clothes pin drop and these boards that had two to three pairs of old work boots nailed to them for a pair or a trio to try walking all together on.  And, they had a bicycle built for two. A fantastic vintage one. I remember giving it a whirl with my dad.

Onto this vintage bike. I spotted this beauty and asked how much.  They said "It's taking up too much room, five bucks."  Sold. Somehow crammed it in our Subaru. Rod iron baby seat in the back, I need to get Anna-Kate a helmet.  I also think it needs a bicycle basket in the front.  Until then, the kids and I have been having fun biking in the yard together. Five bucks well spent.
(And look, I'm finally in a picture, thanks Justin!)


  1. Outstanding! I feel your pain. I refuse to give up my bike even though our neighborhood is too hilly to ride it. I'm holding out for some local trails.
    Ride on!

  2. Love your new bike! What a wonderful find!



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