For my whole life, summer has been the St. Lawrence River. I'm so fortunate that my dad takes care of our family camp so we are able to return each summer.  I had planned on spending a week, as we were supposed to return for our Fresh Air child. However, due to paperwork problems, he wasn't able to come this year (we are still disappointed).  We were blessed with a second week at camp with the change of plans.

So, what did we do?  A full two weeks with no phone, no internet and the days with mama bear and her three cubs. We went for daily roll out of bed walks, we read the morning away, spent afternoon time in/on the water as well as painting in our nature journals and we ended our day with family dinners.  My husband got plenty of fishing time in. I tried to go no where.  As a working mama, I am running more than I would like when we are home, vacation certainly provided us with much needed downtime.

Because I love to talk books, the outcome of our vacation time:

The following Laura Ingalls Wilder books (for the 2nd time)
Little House in the Big Woods
Little House on the Prairie
On the Banks of Plum Creek
By the Shores of Silver Lake

Plus, new ones to us
Understood Betsey
Green Ember
Thornton Burgess books (Blacky the Crow and Old Mother West Wind Whys)
Abe (Lincoln) Grows Up

And I re-read Gone with the Wind. It's just as captivating/upsetting/surprising/interesting as it was the first time I read it 20 years ago.

We're back now and with happy memories I'm working to get things organized to get back in gear for our day to day life.  Back in Maine, as I was elbow deep in tomatoes, my husband asked me why I do all I do. Why not just quit all these busy projects, do less and live life like the rest of the world?

I took a quick 360 scan-laundry on the line, free ranging roaming chickens, color needing harvest in the gardens, bouquet of flowers on the table, zucchini cake in the oven, tomato sauce simmering, children lost in pretend play, baby at my feet.  I patted the cute fluffy cloth diapered bottom in front of me and asserted that I will just always be busy with my projects, for although lovely vacations make my heart feel full, the hustle bustle of homelife makes my heart even fuller.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your fresh air kid could not spend some time with you. I'm sure he was disappointed as well.

    Sounds like a wonderful vacation-a TRUE vacation. Happy for your family that you were able to get away and be together. There's nothing better. Except for maybe the amazing life you live day-to-day! ;0D



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