4-H days

My fave childhood memory growing up was 4-H Camp overlook.  I pretty much went there for a decade, first as a camper, then counselor. Adrian is old enough to go to 4-H camp. I asked him if he was interested. He said "Without my parents?  Well, I'm never doing that. That doesn't sound safe."  I think he might be living with us forever.  Anyway, Maine has something grand-family 4-H camping. We've never been.  I can assure you that we will be back annually. Such a great program, so many great classes! We already cannot wait to see the new friends we made next year.  It was also our first time camping.  All did well, except we clearly need to get a better camping coffee solution.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I think your kids will absolutely adore camping. I miss it.



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