Enjoying the process

Up too late, planning the next class I'm teaching. It's a busy time of year, bouncing from work to homeschooling my own kids to teaching/leading meetings at homeschool co-op, Sunday School and 4-H.  If you would have told me 20 years ago that I'd be up late planning on what I was going to do to lead a physics 4-H meeting, I would have laughed at that notion. Here I am stepping out of my comfort zone, an old dog learning new tricks.  You'd think it would be exhausting, all this planning, teaching and leading...but I tell you it's much more fulfilling when I'd doing it for these kids and their friends instead of the end goal of acing the final exam and getting that regents diploma. May learning for all go back to enjoying the process instead of striving to achieve the best test scores.

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