"Not in School" 2018-2019

It's about that time that social media will be flooded with back to school pics.  I love seeing everyone prepped for the big day. A few years back, I decided that I would join in the fun and do "not in school" pics of my kids as we don't really have a "back to school" time given we are year round homeschooling. (Part by choice and part to get in the number of school days and still be a part time working mama)

We aren't opposed to public school and aren't committed to homeschooling through graduation.  Each year we decide whether we will continue or not.  I asked the kids to show us what they thought of 2018-2019 being another year of learning at home sweet home.  This was the reaction.

A couple of conversations last week with the kids I want to remember:
Me: "Today is a homeschool day."
Kids (cheering): "YES!!! I love the days you stay home from work and we do school. These are the best days ever!!"
As I was reading to them:
Adrian: "This is so relaxing and peaceful." 
Me: "And this is your school."
Adrian: "I'm so lucky to have this be my school."
This year we will have a 2nd grader and a kindergartner.  And of course pictured below, Trouble, with a capital T. 
 Thankful for this trio and thankful we are able to keep them home another year.
 And we're off...



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