Five books for a dollar? Twist my arm.
 Books. Socks. Fido jar. Like new sneakers. $4.00
 Books. Fido jar, Terracotta. $4.50
Books. Game still in plastic. Peter Rabbit theatre. $6.

 Glue pens. Life is good hat. Book. Game. Horse shirt. $5
Bogs, Merrils, Keenes.  All for Anna-Kate to grow into.  $1 a pair.

Catching up on some of my summer deals.  These are from a variety of thrift shops and garage sales. Some of it I put away for Christmas.  Encouragement of the day, don't pay full price.  You can have so many great things for pennies compared to retail.  Never thrifted?  Give it a whirl, you may be surprised at what you find!

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  1. Great score! I always loved Misty and the whole island pony stories, great selection of books too! I'm going thrifting today, hoping to find some gems. Hubby found a $5.00 like new 2 sided Crayola easel for our grandsons, will keep here. Chalkboard on one side white board on the other. Great find.



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