The thaw, the freeze, the snow, the thaw, the freeze.  In the middle of all that is the chorus of birds returning to our morning.  I just cannot go outside without stopping to see if I can locate the source of the song. We also have had the pleasure of seeing more than one barred owl. The mud? So much fun for them, although laundering the muddy garments I could do without. But, I dusted off my clothes pins and put some things on the line the other day.  My forsythia that I brought inside to force bloom is bright yellow. We started our seeds and they are just beginning to pop up. Maine Maple weekend is this weekend in Maine.  So many signs that spring is beginning to emerge.  I'm so thankful to live where there are seasons.

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  1. What fun! Birds are singing here too, birdbaths filled, rhubarb is up :)



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