Last day!

Around these parts, those in our town had their last day of school today.  Since we school year round, there's not really a 'summer break' like in public school.  But, we did have what I think is the last day of sewing until fall today. I was going to continue throughout the summer, but the truth is, coordinating schedules is too challenging.  I have truly loved offering regular sewing lessons for the past five months. I've had some who have come once or twice and some who have been sewing just about weekly.  Each child has gained skills, and that makes my heart happy. I took photos each week of the kiddos with their projects and there's quite the album of accomplishment I will someday print off.  This is the only photo of a project I took without a kid in it!  Her first dress, isn't it lovely?

I plan to continue in the fall. Until then, we shall enjoy our summer Fridays with friends and family. Happy summer, folks! 

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