Garden 2019: Update 1

Garden 2019: Update 1

These pics are from last week. It's amazing how many changes have happened since last week!
 So, what I've done this year.

-Moved rhubarb from behind the barn and made a hedge
-Planted 3 more apple trees. Mulched the orchard and still in the process of mulching the blueberries. Added some blackberries.
-Started a strawberry raised bed an asparagus bed (which the cats have been tearing apart the asparagus. Sigh).
-Moved A LOT of manure
-Husband helped me screw together a compost in a new location (thank you).
-Cleaned out our onion and chive raised bed...which I never did last year at all.
-Planted a garden full of everything you can imagine and then some.
-Given away A LOT of plants
-And I've been working on taking away and managing this overgrown mess.  Believe me, this is WAY better than it was (but I have hopes of continually improving it.
 On my to do list:
-Mulch, mulch, mulch.  And water.
-I want to get some wheelbarrows full of pine needles to mulch the blueberries again (They love acidic soil).
-The raspberries are a mess.
-Someday I'd like to move my elderberries.
-I have cherry bushes that I'm nursing inside, hoping to get them strong enough to plant outside.
-Weeding. And mulching. And watering.

This year I also worked VERY hard on the house.  I have always tried to keep up with what the previous owners had planted, but truth to be told, I have no idea what their vision was so it just ends up looking a mess.  I gave myself permission to dig up, move, purge and add.  I mulched for the first time here.  It looks much better!

 When we first bought this house, there was a maple tree in the middle of this mess of perennials and weeds.  I said "Someday this will be a fun tree to play under" and I threw a  ton of cow manure around it. Well, it's a perfect shade tree now!  I gave away all the perennials during the perennial swap and mowed the rest. Now there's a play space in the shade.
 I dug up HUGE HUGE HUGE barberry bushes. I loathed those things. Each one took an hour. I have more to go, but not this year.  I plan to put little gardens like this instead of those junky barberry. These are all plants I brought from our old house and now have divided.
 And I actually am coordinated enough that I did annuals this year.  Go me.
Enough chicken waterers for planters now!
That's a wrap for update 1.  Hours of work into one post.  Progress is progress!  How is YOUR gardening going?


  1. We've lived in the country for 3 years now and I'm still figuring it out. Today is raspberry planting day .... if I could just figure out where to plant them! Weeding is overwhelming but we do have a plan to keep them at bay.

    Yours looks amazing! Great job!!


  2. Wow, you've done a lot of work. Love how the veggie garden is taking shape.
    I want to share with you these great YouTube videos I've recently found by Charles Dowding. His no-dig style of gardening would be perfect for the plot you have. Check him out!

    Love those chicken feeder planters! I'm gonna get me somma those! ;0D

  3. wow, I live my childhood in a farm and this pictures make me remember good days. I love your chives!



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