Sleepaway Camp

Just like that, there's a big hole in my heart.  Part of my heart is checked into the Braves Longhouse, top bunk nevertheless.   He has never spent the night away from home apart from the two times I gave birth (he stayed at my neighbor's).  His first for fun overnight is a week long and I know he is going to love it. My farewell was a nanosecond as he bounced off with a grin from ear to ear with  his new friends. I know he cannot wait for the meals. He can't wait to swim. He is going to take ten years deciding what he wants from camp store. He is ready to have the time of his life. And he will. Because he's the type of kid who decides he's going to do something and he does it.
Mama, on the otherhand, has a heartache as I ready for bedtime books, the first time without my oldest.  Daddy definitely shed a few tears.  Audra talks about missing him every 5 minutes.  Anna-Kate keeps asking "Where is Adrian?"   I don't want his week to fly by for his sake, but I am counting down until Friday pickup for my sake.  I cannot wait to hear about by big boy having the time of his life. He's spending his week making memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Oh my! I feel for ya Momma. Until my recent sleepover, I had never been away from my boy, who is considerably older than Adrian.
    I am sending big hugs your way.



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