Another Year

Easier to read version: "To Jackie, From Audra. I love you. I do not know how you do it all. I love how you are so kind and giving. I love you. Your loving daughter, Audra. PS. You are the best mom. I hope you have the best birthday ever."

So it happened, I celebrated my 39th.  It started with a morning walk before sunup, pancakes for the littles, notes of appreciation, books, and more books. Midmorning I realized I forgot to drink the coffee I brewed.  Coffee with lunch, then a trip to the library, a dip in the pool, a spin through the local thrift shop. Home to find fun birthday mail (thank you!) and make some seafood as a birthday treat. My dear husband called and said he was close to Walmart and I could have whatever I wanted from there for my birthday if I told him what I wanted quickly. I pleaded him to leave the crisco cake there and we'd make a good one the next day. He listened and brought me some yummy dark chocolate home instead, plus guinea pig food. Next, dinner as a family and books before bed. 

Mostly ordinary, yes, but I find such comfort, beauty and love in our ordinary.

Our ordinary wouldn't be complete without wide eyes and a chuckle. Paired with the lovely note above, I received an additional wrapped gift from Audra. The gift contained the exact item she handmade and gave my husband for Christmas.  He unwrapped it just a couple weeks ago, expressed his appreciation for it.  It was unknowingly whisked away from him and regifted to me.  So bad, so sad, dear husband of mine. The homemade potholder is mine now! 

Living the good life, that's for sure.  Thankful for my 39 years.

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  1. I'm sure that note alone would have been sufficient, but a little dark chocolate never hurt a dang thing.
    Happy Birthday, sweet Jackie. I am so glad you were born.



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