Homemade: Reusable Gift Bags

I've been saying for a number of years that I wanted to make a good number of reusable gift bags in a coordinated material. I have used reusable gift bags under the Christmas tree for the last decade, but the store bought ones I have lack in quality.  I've made a couple here and there, but this year I actually dove in and made a pile.  I made them in three sizes and in a fabric that will be appropriate year round, not just for Christmas.  They already have come in handy for our half birthday traditions and my husband's birthday scavenger hunt.
It's nice to have a good number now. I'm going to store them on our main level of living for easy access (opposed to the Christmas decorations in the attic).
I was a fan of them under the Christmas tree. I think they will get plenty of use.
I'd highly recommend making a set. Convenient, time saving, eco friendly. An all around win. Because I'm so passionate about waste free wrapping paper, I am even willing to hire myself out for custom orders of reusable gift bags from now until garden season. Or if you are local, I am happy to teach you how. Such a small change, but if many jumped aboard, what a great way to reduce our use of disposable materials.


  1. Oooohhh, me, me, me!! We're working on an Earth day celebration at our church. This will come in handy!!

  2. Oh Jackie! Beautiful and so inspiring. I've been wanting to switch to all material gift bags for a long time. I wish we were local. Juliette and I would bring cookies + tea and we could sew together... Still on my to-do list. In the meantime, we reuse (and repair ; ), year after year, our paper gift bags. Thank you for sharing. Sending love, from Winnipeg, Canada. Marie



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