October gardening

 I know for some gardeners, October is a slowing down month. Not here!  We have been busy seed saving. I splurged on actual seed envelopes this year, which I'm pleased about. Some seeds we first bought when we moved here 8 years ago! Our entire garden is just about free due to our seed saving success. We just pick, dry and store year after year and they continue to provide for us.  I use my library card catalog for seed saving. It has an abundant supply, and I have more to add.  Plus I have some new things I ordered from Fedco to hopefully try next year.

In addition to seed saving, I just transplanted a row of grapes and planted 100 tulips and daffodils. I made a huge new pumpkin patch and emptied and moved two pallets of compost. I have put half of my perennial gardens to bed, still lots more to go. I have parsnips to plant and garlic to plant.  I also have the rest of the 14 yards of woodchips to spread and a few more things I want to transplant if time allows.  Plus I need to clean out the barn, adding that manure to the compost and trim up some brush that is getting overgrown into my garden area. 

October may be my favorite gardening month.  Reflecting on the year, buttoning things up for a winter rest, planning for next year, in perfect temps. Such a peaceful time to be outside.

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