I went to an eye myself...and had a wee bit of time to swing by the thrift shop.  I have hardly been thrifting and had a list of things I was looking for. Shoes in particular.  I needed a new pair of exercise shoes for myself (which was on my Christmas list). Audra didn't have barn boots that fit. Adrian's feet keep growing and he needed the next sized hiking boots.  What is the chance of pulling into one thrift store and getting my entire list of shoe needs in one place?  It about brought tears to my eyes, I feel so blessed.  A pair of sneakers for me, doesn't even look like they have been worn outside. They look like someone tried them on and said 'nope' and donated.  A pair of barn boots for Audra.  Then a pair of Gore Tex waterproof hiking boots for Adrian. $5 a pair.  I had a list that would have been $$$ new, but I got everything I needed for $15.  And my purchase goes straight to a charitable organization.  And an environmental friendly 'green' purchase.  What's not to love?!


With the money I saved, I could buy books.  Because I always 'need' books. Two books were $4, the rest were a dollar or two.  I even snagged a hardcovered Lenski-Lenski books are some of our favorites. 

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