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 I absolutely love this up stairs landing area.  Always have.  I have used it for so many things, mostly kid related (crafty zone, doll house area, kitchen area, cozy book area and grow zone for seedlings).  

I decided last month that the kids pretty much have the entire house and I wanted to claim this upper landing area to be mine (gasp!). What are the things I love? Fabric. Books.  Plants.  My blue striped pottery collection, vintage and handmades.  So I worked pretty darn hard to make this mine.  I took too many pictures and want to explain every nook and cranny...so here goes!

I made some new curtains from fabric my friend gave me (Thanks Cricket!).  

Justin and I made the bench when we lived in our old house. I gave it a fresh coat of navy.  I picked up the vintage nature embroideries for a quarter a piece at the thrift store. Plus they are thrifted vintage chairs. I have more plants I think I'll move up, but this is for now.

I collect Robinson Ransbottom blue striped pottery. It's on top of the fabric cabinet I painted with milk paint years ago. Should I admit that this is just a portion of my excessive fabric collection and excessive amount of pottery?  

I did the woven reed seat in a herringbone pattern on the vintage chair I found on the side of the road. I made the random pillows.  
I love the bold pattern.
Audra has decided it's a great place to play old fashioned.  Not so much a mama zone now, but the rule is, don't leave your junk in my space! 
Ballroom dancing is most welcome, however.

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  1. A momma needs some space to call her own! It looks so Jackie!



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