Adrian's "New" room

For quite a long time, I have wanted to give Adrian's room a change.   His room used to be Audra's room before we had Anna-Kate (girls share and went to the bigger room). This room was the only room in the house still with wall paper. (See the room when it was Audra's here. He has been so accommodating, never complaining that he was in a room with flowered wall paper.  The week between New Years and Christmas, I gave this collector of everything painted walls (three walls green, one blue...because I just made use of what we had). He remembers where he got everything and who gave it to him. He also loves handmades and displaying his art work.  I tried to embrace his collections and organize them a bit better than they were. He said he is so happy in this room and it's what he always dreamed of having.  Glad I could make his dreams come true.

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