October Garden and My Family

I am someone who does not waste food in general, especially homegrown. Whatever we have fresh, I try to use it up. Sometimes that means we have an abundance of a certain food that we keep eating. I chuckle as I remember the year of the winter squash, a couple hundred of pounds of squash we went through, lol. This year, we happen to still be getting zucchini steadily, still in October! Plus we have plenty of tomatoes and enough herbs to feed the town. My family has literally had zucchini and/or tomatoes for just about every dinner and sometimes every lunch for months. And they do not complain. Usually throughout the year they are used to regular variety, but not lately. They do not complain. I try to be creative about how I serve it, but it is still the same. But they do not complain. This is 100% from my husband. The first time any of my kids have complained (because what kid doesn't try that out?), he had a talk with them. "Your mom has worked hard to make this meal for us. You are not to complain, ever. You say 'thank you' and eat what she has prepared". That's the same way my husband (who went to Culinary Institute of America, so could do plenty of critiquing) has always treated me around meals. It may not be the best meal or it may be the same we have had too often as of late, but he never, ever complains. In fact he always expresses his thankfulness. What a ray of sunshine it is to hear 'Thank you' whenever I present what I prepared.

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