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I'm realizing now I haven't talked much about my gardens this year.  I assure you, I am still gardening! There are some things I learned that I will do better and some things I am thrilled with...just like any year with gardening. Always learning and growing. 

This year I grew the very best array of cherry tomatoes. 

Something enjoys ripe tomatoes in the garden, so I pick them just as they turn to finish ripening in my window.  I have been getting perfect tomatoes this way, no blemishes! 

We have had a steady stream of tomato sauces and salsas.  No one is complaining...yet!

I think my favorite thing I grew this year was this mystery squash that came from the compost. It is basically the perfect squash ever.  When small, it's like a zucchini, except its lighter in color so it's easier to pick.  When it gets huge, it gets a hard outer shell like a winter squash, in which I can scoop the seeds and puree for a side dish or to make into pumpkin bread. I did both and they are so good!  The bonus is it grows as a trailing squash, like pumpkins do, so it's been producing steadily all year.  It is the very best all purpose squash!!! I saved some seeds, but don't have much hope that if I planted them it will be as perfect as this mystery variety has been.

Seed saving.  I do a ton of seed saving. It takes up most of my fall. I actually bought seed envelopes last year, so they look all official stored in my library card catalog. Very little of what I grow comes from new seed packets.

Tri colored beans, tri colored seeds. 
Apples. This is about a third of what we've done.
More to do, and we have been enjoying apple baked goods too. Scones below.
Flowers.  I am thrilled I popped in some glads before we went away late July. I am getting a steady stream of glads now in Sept.
I am also a big fan of this variety pack of annuals I ordered from Fedco.  
Plus my dahilas and I'm hauling in pumpkin after pumpkin.  We do smaller sugar pumpkins for baking. I have a big box full now and more are turning orange in the field.

Basically I am still hauling in a little of everything and anything.  Greens, herbs, garlic, turnips, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, peppers, etc.  Pretty much every meal has something homegrown. 

Thankful for my helpers, I have steady help and I am thankful for that! I ordered 200 spring bulbs, that will be soon on the agenda! 

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