Anna-Kate is 4 and a HALF


 three and a HALF.

Here she's three

Two and a HALF

Dear Anna-Kate:

You are four and a HALF!  And goodness, you don't let us forget.  You remind us you are now big because you are a four and a HALF. You reminded us alllll day long that it was your half birthday on your half birthday and everyone should do as you please because it was your special day.  You would love nothing more than being the boss of this house, and you tell us that is your lifelong goal.

You never, ever, ever, ever stop talking. Your hands need to be busy every second. If you have nothing to fiddle with, you fiddle with your hair.  You like to be busy every second. 

Your busy, however, is very focused and mature. You could spend hours looking at books, cutting things out with scissors, building things, creating things, arranging tiny pieces.  Everything is interesting to you and you can entertain yourself quite well when provided with just about anything that's a manipulative.  

You are a great eater and enjoy a variety of tastes.  You're the only one who cheers for mushrooms.  You also get excited about things like asparagus.  You told me you didn't really like Halloween candy, and instead went out to snack on collard greens. You still love colorful.  And yogrit. (AKA Yogurt).  

You have so many cute little sayings.  Gloves aren't glubs anymore, but we still have things like katennas (for antennas), underbrella (for umbrella), broth for bra and so many more I can't think of at the moment.

When outside, you're not a fan of bikes or balls. You would prefer to collect eggs (checking every few minutes for a new one), tote the rooster around, boss the dogs around, forage for food or garden. You also do quite a bit of singing to yourself. Did I mention you are never quiet?  Never ever.

You miss me when I'm gone just for a couple hours and when you see me again, you holler MAMAS!!!! and run for a hug. You give the best snuggles.  You especially like to crawl in bed with me and read books.  You would do that anytime, you are always up for books and snuggles. 

You bring so much joy to our family, we are so thankful for you, Anna-Kate. 

Love you bunches, 


Funfetti cake topped with frosting and sprinkles for our colorful girl. 

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