At home

 Yesterday we were home all day.  You know it's funny, some folks assume that because we are homeschoolers that we must be always home and often bored. Not true. It is very very very rare that we have a day with nothing going on.  In fact, most days we have many things going on. The kids always seem to have an activity, a virtual class, a service project, a playdate...something.  And I still do my regular job as a speech language pathologist and have regular meetings and commitments for all my volunteer gigs.  Sometimes it's hard to fit in the homesteading that I also try to keep to.  Yesterday, we had nothing on the calendar.  At first my kids were trying to get me to add something to the calendar.  The tide shifted as the girls remembered their old fashioned dresses. They suddenly had loads of ideas and found plenty to do at home sweet home. 

I suspect these two prefer the days our calendar is filled. 

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