Homesteader ways

Although we have access to local grocery stores, I am in the habit of rarely going. I like buying in bulk and using what we have/making from scratch/using our homegrown.  It's been weeks since we've been to a grocery store.  Looming is a field trip and a need to pack a lunch.  I realized that the foods present aren't really quick/on the run meals. 

While I could get up early and make a hot meal that our camp crock would keep warm or go to the grocery store, I opted for plan C. Plan C seems like the most work, but to me, it's way easier to make late night bread and jam than it is to go to the store. (No more transitions/unexpecteds for my hard to transition kid!) It's especially easy when I have a Rolodex of recipes in my brain, so I don't even have to look up or do much measuring. 

So that's what we did. Now we're all ready for a picnic of PBJs.
(Blueberry Rhubarb....rhubarb harvested and chopped by Adrian)

Unfortunately our prospects of having Audra's homemade cookies for a picnic are dim thanks to her dad the cookie monster.
It was 17 years ago I started this homemade/homegrown focus and tonight I'm thankful for the journey and for the opportunity to bring the kids down a similar lane. 

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