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When I grow up, I want to be like Adrian.  He sets his alarm, rises as soon as it goes off.  He goes to the bathroom, brushes his teeth,washes his glasses, makes his bed, takes care of his pajamas and gets dressed for the day. Then he goes downstairs, does his animal chores, puts on his reflector vest and takes the dogs for a morning walk in the back field.  Then he waves to the cars for a bit and comes in to help with breakfast and whatever else needs to be done.  If he sees the laundry needs to be folded or the dishwasher needs to be done, he'll do one of those before breakfast. I don't even have to ask. That's how he starts his day everyday.  He takes care of all his things and his room is always tidy.

You think that's great?  It's just as good at the end of the day too.  When it's bedtime, he tidily does his nightime chores. Then he writes in his journal about his day (he aims for six sentences an entry), does his devotions, reads his chapter, puts his glasses in the glasses case and goes to bed. Everyday. 

I'm just so impressed with how he is a well oiled machine. Even when the rest of the household is a chaotic disaster, he's our strong and steady. 

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