Wander and Wonder Woods

 In effort to remember what I do for workshops, I'm aiming to keep better track. I seem to do things and re-do them a lot.  This was a four week series entitled Wander and Wonder: Woods.  We started the adventure circling up for a minute of silence and poetry.  We described our animal of that week with my trusty describing map. We read the book with the animal and went off to look at the habitat of the animal chosen. We came back, found the animals in the field guides and painted the made ahead sketches, using new watercolor techniques. My family really loved it and it seems that our friends did too.

I intended copying the sketches from this watercolor book for the kids to paint, which I did here...
But I found her artwork more abstract, so I went with my own sketches since I had a different vision.

Audra's fave.

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