Homeward bound

 What a trip! Maine to NY, the same route we've done oodles of times. This one? One to remember. 

We started off leaving a day early to surprise my dad.  I took a little snooze and when I woke up, I saw things I didn't recognize, including the sign that said "LAST EXIT BEFORE CANADA."  Somehow my husband keep driving and we ended up in Canada...without passports, birth certificates, dog health certificates and we had poultry across country lines. All not permitted! 45 minutes later, a visit inside two different customs buildings, we got papers and were permitted back in the United States. Such an adventure. 

We kept on moving and arrived finally at my home sweet home. 

We arrived to a snow covered cabin. All the cooking and baking is required to be done on the woodstove. The hot water is only on at certain times of the day. Apparel is t shirts because the woodstove cooks us too. Every knife is super sharp. A full view of the stars from my bedroom window. Morning walks with no vehicles. Wildlife outnumbers the people. Deer all over. Partridges drumming. Geese honking. Woodpeckers tapping. Owls hooting. Frozen frogs to thaw. Where there's nothing to do by wordly standards, but yet there is everything to do. Projects aplenty.  It's the town where some of my most favoritest people live, memories and stories get told wherever we go and the St. Lawrence River paints the most beautiful picture in my soul.  While I love my current house in Maine, a part of me will always love the very rural north country. 

(The tree I planted with my mom at the school)

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