I know I'm someone who loves to do all things homesteading usually, but I am not a fan of tapping trees, for a number of reasons. (I want to enjoy the last bit of winter, we can purchase syrup at low cost from the Amish, the wind blows the sap buckets around here...even though we tie them on, we could use a more professional setup to boil a lot of sap).  It dawned on me that my kids are old enough to just do it on their own. I asked Adrian if he wanted to tap some trees and he did want to.  It took me a ridiculous amount of time to find the spiles, but somehow it's all together and he got tapping.

Didn't take long for a couple of sisters got in on the action. 
All I hear is the wind whipping right now. We'll see if there's any sap still in the buckets tomorrow.

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