Happy 12 and a HALF!





9 1/2

Happy 12 and a HALF to Adrian! 


You are growing BIGGER and BIGGER.  At 5ft, 2inches, you're almost as tall as me. You eat, and eat, and eat.  You eat a feast and are still hungry.  I just keep giving you handfuls of walnuts.  

You are more responsible than I am. You do all your jobs and chores just so. You keep track of my things that go missing. You remind me of things I am supposed to do. I am so thankful for you! Otherwise I'd literally be lost.

You're  still the king of safety.  We tried to get you to stay home for an hour alone. You said that you didn't think that was safe. (Even though you're more responsible than me.)  You decided it would be better to be home alone with our neighbors, so went over there.  

You are an unbelievable artist and have set up a thriving business drawing people's vehicles.  You keep your financial books, do all your correspondence and pass out business cards.  Very professional. Your other favorite thing to do is to all things model trucks. Creating, researching, collecting, customizing. 

You start your day putting smiles on people's faces.  You get up on weekdays and wave to all vehicles that drive by for two hours.  People in town know you as the waver. You have your regulars who expect you.  HONK HONK is what we hear all morning long.

Although you're totally someone who would want to always be home and squirrel away, you're actually quite good at doing new things and interacting with people. You're liked by so many. 

Oh, one more thing.  Even though you now think my hugs are annoying, I will absolutely keep hugging you.  You are very special and so loved.

Love, Mom

Adrian with his birthday prizes and Justin with his anniversary prize.

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