Adrian is 13!


Happy 13th Birthday, Adrian!  To the boy who made me a mom! 

You are the most organized, efficient and dependable boy I know! 

Every morning you wake at 5am (because we won't let you rise earlier), take care of your pajamas, make your bed, brush your teeth, get dressed and do your chores.  You eat your first breakfast, don your reflector vest and spend the next 2 hours waving to people driving by. 

Then you come in and eat your second breakfast, crack a few eye rolling dad jokes and complain that you're still hungry. You're officially taller than me now.  You then do your schoolwork like a champ and eat again.  

Afternoon you enjoy talking to friends, riding your bike, disc golf, swimming, hiking, snow shoeing or cross country skiing, drawing/painting, working on your diorama while singing LOUDLY to country music.  You're always ready to eat again. 

You end your day with a giant meal and always dessert, doing your night time readings and going to bed at an appropriate time that you set on your own. Impressive, huh?! 

I've been helping you get some odd jobs doing landscaping and wood stacking and you have a nice business going with your vehicle paintings. You are very, very responsible. 

You avoid your sisters, but don't avoid your mom (unless I have the camera) and you love talking with your dad.  You're a true introvert, but can play the extrovert part very well (like both your parents). 

You have a desire to grow up to be a man of character and your efforts show everyday.  I'm just so blessed to have you organizing me and helping me out everychance you get (often when I don't even ask).  

You're a joy to raise, I'm blessed to have you as my son! 


Mom, formerly mama 

This is the only other picture you let me take of you, so I'm posting it! 

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