Sunday was just ordinary.  I was thinking, what do I have to blog about?  We didn't do anything remarkable.  Then I was thinking, why not document an ordinary Sunday, which is so much like every other Sunday.  

I got up before the rest and made a breakfast feast.  I made strata with our own eggs, homemade sour dough, homemade cheese and homegrown herbs and I made banana bread. All that with oranges=breakfast. I think looked out in my backyard at the crows and juncos and washed the dishes. 

I went for a walk by myself.  Noticed the high water levels and inspected the beaver activity. 

Church followed by a packed lunch with our church friends. I brought a big salad and a homemade pizza.  I love the garlic herb pizza crust I make. Yum. 

The big kids stayed at church for archery and we came home. Anna-Kate played American Girls in the attic.  I put new sheets on the bed and did some laundry and cleaning. 

I then did some sewing (finished a stack of 25 miniature wipes, that we use as washcloths/tissues) and helped Audra with her puzzle. I helped Justin and Adrian mend things they wanted mended.

We all went outside.  I planted some spinach and turnips under the circular domes as an experiment in a couple places and checked on my winter sown jugs. I potted some spider plants I was rooting to bring to the thrift store as a donation.

The rest of the crew played with the dogs, gathered eggs and the girls played "Good Fairy/Bad Fairy". 

I went in and made a pasta salad that had way more veggies than pasta and smashed burgers for dinner. I wasn't fast enough, everyone was hungry so they all munched on apples while they waited. Then I made chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I did more dishes and tidied the kitchen while the rest folded laundry and watched Dr. Quinn for our Sunday night fun. 

We then read night time books.  Currently reading Shades of Gray by Carolyn Reeder.  I read it as a kid. My kids all love historical fiction. This is the 3rd book of hers that we have read together.  

After that, I did some paperwork I needed to do, some last minute tidying and blogged. 

Just an ordinary day.  Ordinary days are my favorite. 

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