Happy 13 and a HALF, Adrian!


13, 12 and a HALF and follow the links for all his other birthdays. 

Happy 13 and a HALF to Adrian, 

You are growing into a fine young man, Adrian.  The word that describes you most is dependable. Whatever you commit to, you do.  In all weather you spend the first two hours of the day outside with your coffee waving to the cars.  You give me no trouble about doing your school work or chores. You just do what you need to do. 

You are a very, very creative guy.  Your dioramas are unique and intricate. Your drawings have very careful detail. You focus and do your best at all you do. 

You are eating everything and anything and after you finish, you're looking for more food.  I cannot fill you up. The doctor said you grew 3.5 inches in the last year. You tower over me now. Lately you've been doing a bit of cooking, not because you really want to but because you're still hungry after I feed you mounds of food, so you want to make more. 

Your love of humor is increasing steadily. Dad jokes are constant. You love to roast the people you love most, particularly me.  You find me embarrassing more often lately, but aren't shy in expressing your love when there's no audience. 

You loooooove country music and sign it all.the.time.  Your sisters know all the words thanks to you.  I haven't listened to country music since I was in high school, but I am apparently now. 

You almost always prefer a regular day to any other day. You love the routine and the predictability.  When I drag you to places you aren't excited about, you come along anyway without complaining too much. 

You enjoy following the Bruins and Red Sox.  You love riding your bike, ice skating and being alone. Your other new hobby is setting and checking a game cam. 

Adrian, you are an absolute delight to raise.  I feel so fortunate to be able to annoy you regularly. I'm super excited that you decided you want to be a dad one day, I hope you have a whole bunch of mini Adrians for me to love. 

Happiest 13 and a HALF!  Love, Mom  

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