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One of my flaws is I have hard time just relaxing.  Certainly, at times, that's a strength. However, when I find myself with two little bundles under the age of two, I have this fear that it will go too fast and I will miss these treasured times.
So, in my agenda book, instead of a plethora of projects,  I added "Relax.  Snuggle.  Soak it all in."  for this entire week. I have had no agenda, no playdates, only necessary appointments. I (still) have done no cooking (thank you freezer!) and our house may not be as tidy as I'd like it to be. Instead, I've spent the last week just enjoying my kids.

 I think a newborn belongs snuggled next to her mama.

And an older brother needs time to talk about trucks, trains, motorcycles and the like.  And of course, a time to remind me (again) about that darn balloon of his I accidentally let go of 3 months ago.  (He'll never let me live that down).

Let me tell you, a hammock has a way of slowing down time.  There's something about the gentle sway, gazing at the blue sky and the random cloud that swings by, admiring our dragonflies (that are no longer nymphs) flying above, hearing our chickens just a swacking close by, spotting butterflies and squealing with excitement of an airplane passing by.

Thank you, hammock, for being you.  With your help, I really am soaking all of this in. 

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  1. The love and comfort of a blessed mom....Nothing is better than that..



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