Upcycled Chalkboard Eraser

A couple months ago, one of my goals for my little guy was to increase creative opportunities.  Craftiness is (obviously) something I enjoy and I want to offer him many chances to see if he enjoys creating, too.    This goal was two fold- creating regular opportunities at the table and to somehow have something crafty available at all times.  To start with, I try to have a creative activity set up for after breakfast on the days I'm home.  As soon as my little guy is done with breakfast, I wipe the area and hand him play doh, a sensory bin, crayons, colored pencils, shaving cream, etc.  While I clean up, he has a chance to create/explore at the table.  Part one, check.  For part two, I thought  an easel set up at all times would be a great way to encourage creativity.  I set to work pinning ideas to make one on pinterest, which a friend saw and promptly offered one that she was storing.  We set it up on our farmer's porch.  Ever since we've had it, it's been used daily.  (Thanks, Cricket!)

Only problem...our chalkboard didn't have an eraser.  Not a problem for long.  In comes a granny style old fashioned wool pleated skirt.  Cut into a strip.  Fold like a hand held fan.  Stitch folds together with needle and thread. Hot glue to a piece of wood.  Voila. 

Works like a charm.
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  1. Great job! We have a table that turns into an easel, only problem is someone doesn't want to get rid of her table since she has "work" to do!



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