Today I had the most perfect day.

I promise I will get back to posting projects.  Really, I have some to share.  But, when I sit down to blog, I can't help but still be thinking of this beautiful face.  And then I want to blog about being a mama.  You'll forgive me, right???
Today, I...
1) Completed four loads of laundry (including little *pink* things!)- washed, line dried and put away.
2) Rocked my little blessing in our Amish rocker on the farmer's porch, while simultaneously drawing trucks at the easel with my taller blessing.
3) Did absolutely no cooking or baking and we're still eating all homemade (so thankful for good friends and my diligence to fill the freezer the last couple of months).
4) Created a "road" in the flower beds with and for my little trailblazer (would like to encourage this exploring while still having some perennials left for next year).  
5) Ate our meals on the farmer's porch, all four of us.  (Delighting that my husband will be home with us for a month!)
6) Heard "Adrian Hold Audra" multiple times... which holding her promptly brought on his rendition of "Old McDonald" (ya-ya, ya-ya, O).
7) Gazed into newborn eyes.  (Is there anything more delightful?).  
8) Smiled at bit of parallel play: teddy got washed, diapered and clothed right along side mama and baby sister.
9) Picked raspberries from our garden for tomorrow's breakfast.
10) Enjoyed the squeals of laughter when my oldest had a chance to try out scissors for the first time.  Who knew couponing would be so much fun?
11) Wrote Audra's birth story. (Happy to share if anyone wants to read it).  

12) Read more picture books than I can count.

13) Held this baby every moment possible.
14) Had the most perfect day with my two angels..who look so much alike.
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  1. These posts are tugging at my heart strings! That is wonderful that hubby will be home for a month!

  2. I wish I had such delightful days like yours....She is just so beautiful, Jackie I can't even express.... She looks more like you as time passes....

  3. So beautiful!! I'm so happy for your family Jackie!!

  4. They are just so beautiful and you have such a tear-inducing way of writing about them. I think the hormones are my least favorite side of nursing!!



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