What has warmed my heart the last couple of days...

Staring at this perfect little face, in admiration, in love, in relief/disbelief that she's finally here!

Dressing her in some mama made.
Appreciating that the BOG (Bald Old Grandpa) made a surprise 6 1/2 hour visit to meet his new grandbaby and enjoy his first grandbaby.

Smiling at how much Adrian loves his BOG.

Holding a warm, snugly, sleepy, squishy baby.
Just watching her sleep.

Sharing our littlest with the best daddy in the world so that I can still fully snuggle my first baby.

Noticing the two buddies finding the perfect spot to read Curious George.

Staring at this little face. Did I mention that yet?  Oh yes, I could stare at this beautiful bundle all day long.
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  1. Audra is just gorgeous! I would be staring at her all day too!



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