All I can think about is Florida.  I'm thankful my brother, his wife and my nephew are safe, but their home and vehicle are in the direct path and Hurricane Irma is hitting their town as I write this.  I'm thankful my in-laws are in Maine, but they have a winter home in that area too. I worry about my husband's aunt and cousins who are in Florida waiting out the storm. There are so many who are scared right now. It's so hard to have no control. I'm praying a whole bunch and if you're the praying type, I hope you'll join me.

It's hard to believe these sandy Florida beaches are so far from this picture of calmness below. Thinking of you Floridians.

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  1. Hoping your people fared well. I checked in with our neighbors in Central Florida and they still have power and are okay. They said it was horrendous though.



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