Working together

This week it absolutely crazy.  Not only is it peak harvest preserving time, but it's also the time when a whole bunch of big things I've been working hard on are gearing up.  Never before have I had SO many opportunities to lead groups. I'm wearing a lot of hats these days and my mind is definitely spinning.

Just this evening, at 4-H, I had my 4-H co-leader take a pic of the salsa the kids made (thanks for the pic, Maya!). This salsa is so gorgeous, isn't it?  It was made by a group of really awesome 4-Hers. That's impressive in and of itself, isn't it?  Know what's more impressive?  We GREW all these ingredients. The 4-Hers did. There are 9 different kinds of homegrown tomatoes in this. There are homegrown peppers, homegrown basil, homegrown chives and homegrown garlic.  We all walked in with ingredients and this is what the kids made.  I know I'm mighty partial, but these 4-Hers are a pretty amazing team.

All the things I've been working on as of late, it's not just me doing the brunt of the work.  Every single activity/teaching opportunity I have lately, I have been so fortunate to be one member of a truly amazing team. Historically, I haven't loved working in groups. In school back in the day, I used to say I hated group work and would request just doing the project on my own.  Was it the group work I hated or the fact that some members were not pulling their weight? Decidedly, it was the latter.

So not the case now! Every team I am on, the others not only pull their own, but also go above and beyond.  Lots of new ideas, thinking outside the box and working together to make things better.  It's fun teaming up with folks who are likeminded and growing alongside of one another.

Sure, homegrown tomatoes taste mighty good on their own.  But, when everyone brings their best looking tomatoes and extra fixings to the table, the salsa becomes the most amazing experience.

Thankful for these incredible women I've been working with and looking forward to a big and bright future with them!

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