Fresh Air 2017

The highlight of our summer each and every summer are our Fresh Air week(s).  I suppose we're seasoned veterans now, as we had to re-up our approval this year since it's been some time from our initial acceptance into the program.

Even though we've been doing this for years now, and there are many of the same requests each year (time with the dogs, collecting eggs, ice cream, homemade bread and homemade jam), there's still so much "new" about each and every visit too.  We cram our weeks chock full when we get visitors. New events, new places to visit, new animals, new books, new games, new discoveries.  Never before did he know the fun in digging potatoes and then eating said potatoes for dinner. Once it was understood that every bug isn't out to get us, time in nature is truly magical. Out of all that we did, the Marimba concert we went to was what he said he liked best. He had no clue he loved that sort of music and that it would be so fun.

My fave part of this whole journey is a child who claimed he "hated" books just a few years ago now picks out bedtime books before it's even bedtime.

"Can you read this to me?"

That quote in and of itself reveals to me why I'm a 3rd generation host parent and it gives me the dedication to be a part of this program for the long haul.

I invite you to consider doing the same. .

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