Not in School

I know everyone will be posting adorable back to school pictures. It's about that time!

Here's our "Not in School" back to school pic. 
 Our schooling is at home, where learning and living go hand in hand.  Education is our lifestyle and this is our classroom.
I'm so thankful that we have another year to keep them home.  We aren't the homeschooling parents who are committed to homeschooling their entire school career, but instead we look at our situation each and every year and decide.  This year again, I am their classroom teacher and this is their classroom.

It doesn't go without sacrifice, particularly since I am juggling the hats of being a working mama with leadership/teaching roles at our homeschool co-op, 4-H and church. Plus all the responsibilities at home around the farm. My husband makes his schedule so he does a lot of late nights and overnights to keep them home. It's busy, but not a crazy busy most of the time. It's a busy that feels fulfilling.

We make it work.  I'm up before work reading to them. I spend each evening reading some more.  I put in long days at work to keep a couple days at home wide open with no schedule. My husband brings them on hikes nearly weekly. We learn year round to accommodate our busy schedules and to meet the Maine homeschooling regulations.

In our heart of hearts, we are confident that they are getting exactly what they need and then some.  Thankful for school choice and this year at home.

I'm thinking about all the fabulous teachers and children who are heading off to school and all the homeschooling parents starting their school year.  May we inspire these children to love to learn.

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  1. So thrilled that you will be hs again this year. It's obvious that your kids are thriving. Learning is natural, and what better way to learn than at home where you feel safe and secure? I know it isn't always easy, there are sacrifices to make, but it is well worth it in the end when your kids turn out to be just who they were meant to be. Continued blessings...



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