Black Friday

I don't need it! They don't need it!  We don't need it! That's my mantra. 

I've already shopped for my kids anyway. The annual consignment sale in my town is where I aim to buy for my kids. I usually buy almost everything thrifted and spend ~$20 per kid. There is plenty under the tree for Christmas...and you know...they have no idea it isn't new, nor do they care.  Eco friendly and wallet friendly.

So put on your pajamas, you don't need that coupon. The black Friday deals are not necessary. Head to the thrift store instead. (Or take advantage of online shopping, scouring for those online book sales.) 

Here are my latest thrifteds for Christmas below. Pictures aren't the best because I could not wait for daylight to snaps the pictures. They would see their surprises!

For Adrian: A lined 'farmer flannel', a thermometer with water, mittens, sneakers, magnatiles, metal tractor: $15

 For Audra: Two craft kits, cowgirl boots, a game, a bag of fancy metal hair clips, mittens: $12
 Anna-Kate: Music, Melissa and Doug game, cup, smartwool baby socks. $8.50


  1. I'm with you on that. Your kids will be thrilled with their treasures!

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