En route

Last week we went to Florida and truth be told, our little family is having trouble getting back into the swing. Although we had a fine time and enjoyed family, we could use a staycation after our vacation!  Isn't that the way?  Because life doesn't stop while we're away, that's for sure.  We're slowly getting back into the groove and I have bunches of pictures to go through.

For today, here are a few pictures from traveling (minus the scary Nor' Easter we traveled through to get to the airport).  Nothing like experiencing aviation 1st hand.

And to the six, count them, SIX, different people across the various modes of transportation we experienced, who made a point to offer their praises regarding my children's behavior or my commitment to choosing books over media, thank you.  It's not easy traveling with three littles, those words of encouragement meant a lot. I think I'll try to offer a few more words of encouragement to others today. It's a good day to offer love and support. I bet quite a few parents could use a little encouragement after the time change anyway!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you found your bro doing better. What an amazing thing to be so young and having been on a plane. Wow. Blessed, blessed, blessed. No doubt you'll be getting back into the swing of things in no time.



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