Garden 2017: Update 5

Hey, I grew that.  See that meal? That was hand raised and home grown and homemade.  I did that. 

This is what keeps me going.
I have a love/hate relationship with gardening. Initial attempts gardening on this farm yielded a sparse production due to soil quality. I hauled loads of manure and made heaps of compost.  Soil now is top notch. 

However, the insects.  Those nasty little creatures. I cannot even deal with the destruction so rapidly. 

What I really need to do is start another whole garden so I can rotate. I'm pretty certain there are eggs from pests laid in the garden all ready for next year. I just want to squash them all!

I keep on keeping on.

Looking back, it is amazing that I had a baby on April 24th and planted my 40ft x 40ft garden almost immediately after. I don't know how I did that! While I did plant the garden, I didn't weed much and I didn't water at all.  Yield was about half of what the previous years were. I lost track of the exact number, but I grew ~400 pounds of food.  Not my top year by far, but not so bad either, especially since most was done with an infant in my arms.  Something is better than nothing!

Pictured above are the last flowers before frost and broom corn (my first go with that). We've still been eating salads with fresh homegrown greens.I have a bowl of parsley on my counter now, ready to be made into tabbouleh. I've canned and frozen and dried as much as life with a newborn allows.  While the stuff I grew won't tide is over until next year like last year's harvest did, we still will have some home grown goodness mid winter.  To me, that's cause for celebration.

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  1. Are you kidding me? The fact that you had a baby and planted anything is enough. You are so tough on yourself. Your harvest is far more than I have gotten with no baby in sight! ;0D
    Have you ever solarized your garden? That is supposed to help with pest control.
    Not sure if Maine has enough lasting heat to get the job done.
    What do you do with the broom corn? Is it for making brooms? Hmmmm...



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