I am in deep, deep, deep into this paleontology project.  Probably over my head.

I asked. I received. 

I'm teaching sewing at a county wide 4-H event this weekend. I need to have these sewing machines working and ready to go.  I tell you, this is probably impossible. Especially since my day tomorrow is taken up with a whole host of other volunteer gigs.

5 donated sewing machines were dropped off at my house for me to get into working order by this weekend.  I just spent two hours taking apart a non working Pfaff from 1986.  Working now! (go me!) She's a beauty, a great sewing machine for learning since she has speed controls.  She's won a place in my heart.

I got to the next one. No bobbin.  I do not have that size bobbin.  Great.

And then I go onto the next one.  I did a little "oof" when I picked it up. It's heavy. Really heavy. It's a dinosaur.  Probably a brontosaurus.  I'm pretty sure it's from well before my grandmother's time. I opened it and may have gasped.  I think that's more than a two hour project.  Good bye brontosaurs.  Not today. 

Reminds me of the sewing machine I learned on.  My grandmother's knee control one. I bet that was an allosaurus. I loved that thing.

And then the good ol' singer. The one she got for her anniversary. Probably a brachiosaurus.  I used to use that thing until it overheated, smoked. Had to pace myself with that one. It's still at my dad's house. So many good memories. I stitched a number of outfits for the 4-H fashion shows back in the day.  It was the 80s. You can imagine the interesting creations I came up with.  I also had a scrunchie business.  Remember scrunchies?  One to match every outfit. That was the goal.

Because my machine kept overheating, I then borrowed a machine.

Then for my sweet 16, my dad got me not a car, but something that I wanted even more.  My loyal, faithful and dependable companion. My sweet Janome.  We have spent hours upon hours together. I love her so.

Truth is, even if I don't get all of these sewing machines fixed up before the weekend, my faithful and true Janome never lets me down. I'll bring her along and another child can learn on her.  Guessing nearly 40 kids have learned to so on her thus far. Although I have (*cough*cough*) 4 Janomes now, this one pictured below, the one my dad gave me, may always be my BFF.
Image result for born imaginative sewing machine
As for those other dinosaurs of sewing machines? Wish me luck.  Maybe one of these days I'll get them all up and running.

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  1. You fix sewing machines too? Is there anything you can't do, woman? So impressed.

    I have a 1951 Singer that I call Maxine. She's a workhorse and gets all of my daisy totes done with ease. I sometimes wonder if I would be better off buying something newer to use with fabric. I will keep Maxine, just thought it might be easier to sew some things on a newer machine. Something without too many dials, though. I like to keep it simple.
    Have a blast this weekend! You are a born teacher!



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