Hannafords Love

I love Hannafords.  For those of you who are not local, it's a grocery store. A couple years back one went in in a location that I drive by on my way home from work. LIFE CHANGING, this popping in quickly to the grocery store.  While Hannafords is a big chain, this particular Hannafords is small and quaint.  It has just what you need. I reminds me of Eddys from my hometown back in the day. Staff are always friendly and helpful.  They regularly ask if you found everything you needed.  Once I did not. They didn't have canning lids. Next time I went in there, they had a display out front of canning stuff.

With one other fabulous mom, we have led three months of cooking, food and nutrition classes for our 4-H club.  We decided to end our cooking block with a field trip to the grocery store. I *still* remember touring the grocery store when I was a 4-Her, and trying freshly sliced pineapple with my fellow 4-Hers. Thought it would be fun for our current 4-Hers. The store manager had a reusable bag with a paper hat for the kids.  They were instructed to use their star system to find two healthy things.  Adrian found grapefruit and multigrain sub rolls. Audra found a potato and garlic hummus.  Next they presented the kids with a healthy snack to enjoy in the store. Then they toured the bakery, more of the store and the meat department. Then they GAVE each kid the healthy items they picked. BUT, that's not all!  Our club was then doing some shopping for charity after. Hannafords FILLED a shopping cart with more items to donate to the charity we chose. We didn't ask them to double the kids' efforts, but they did. 

And now we have subs for dinner, grapefruit for breakfast, hummus for snack and a lot of potato holding.  Audra  just loves her potato and there are so many great things to make with potatoes that she cannot decide.  Perhaps the potato may be our new pet.

Hannafords not only for the win, but the ultimate trophy.  I'm proudly a Hannafords girl.

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  1. What a blessing to have such a supportive community. Sounds like Hannafords just made a few more lifelong customers! ;0D



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