Old, Old, Old Bookstore

A couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves in an old, old, old bookstore.  Adrian marched right in and said "I'm looking for 'The Book of Cowboys' by Holling. Do you have it?" 

He didn't. But, was he ever thrilled to have book talk with Adrian. Adrian could talk about books all.day.long. Like his mama, much? And Adrian loves OLD books best. And then Audra told him how she loves the Blue Fairy and Red Fairy books by Andrew Lang. She wants more old fairy tales, not Disney ones.

The owner said, "We never have kids interested in old books. Pick something, anything you'd like. I'm going to give it to you for free."

Both kids picked perfectly.

 She has a big book of original (and likely very dark) fairy tales.
 And he got a book about a boy growing up on a New England farm.

 And I got a couple of gems too. We have been loving poetry of all kinds (and Adrian has been composing poetry too for fun!), Famous Explorer stories, Mark Twain, Fairy tales, and Adrian's story about the New England Farmer.  This would be $60+ worth of books. He said $10. I said, take $20.  He said here's you change.  He gave me a $10 bill back.  So $10 for all these books.  I think he knew that we're the type of folks who actually read the books instead of sell them. I supposed he guessed that we'd be holding onto these treasures too.


  1. I'll bet you did the gentleman's heart good by visiting.

  2. We had almost all of those Orange covered biographies in my classroom library when I was in 3/4 grade....I read almost all of them! Hard to find now!
    Enjoy..I could read ALL DAY!!!!



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